ModulRAS is the industry’s most standardized, compact, well proven and cost-effective RAS concept designed for seawater or freshwater operation.
We design and deliver systems for all parts of the production process, for Smolt, Postsmolt, grow out and broodstock. Nofitech Academy means safe operation from day one through a unique training program in biology, water chemistry and technical operation. We also have our own follow-up program to support our customers during the operational phase.

The combination of compact design and extensive use of standardised prefabricated elements provides lower total costs than similar facilities. ModulRAS systems are delivered in the size and capacity adapted to all phases of the farming process.

Construction and design are specifically built for the most demanding production environments e.g. seawater. The compact patented structure provides short waterways, less footprint and are designed so that sludge does not pile up.

To ensure efficient operation from day one, we have developed a dedicated system for of operational personnel through the Nofitech Academy. The system includes e-learning, operating manuals and contains both basic and more advanced training courses.

We also offer operational support as needed and are in regular contact with the operations management team after delivery.

The quality system from Nofitech is in accordance with the regulations and technical standards required for land-based aquaculture facilities, which is established in NS 9416:2013 and approved by DNV-GL.

DNV GL conducts inspections during construction of the facilities as well as a final inspection and issuing of a product certificate after documentation has been verified and inspections have been completed.