Nofitech module

Cost-effective solution
The market’s most cost-effective RAS solution. Designed in view of step-by-step
development of large scale aquaculture facilities.

Since the water in the module is recycled, there is a very limited need to add new water. The corresponding amount of water added, is cleaned before it is released into the recipient. Energy from the water is recovered in heat exchangers and heat pumps with industrial standards and high recovery rates.

Fish welfare
To prevent infection and sea lice, all water is taken into the facility from deep water and filtered and UV treated. Stable water quality gives a high quality of the smolt.

Short construction time
Delivers a complete, tailor-made solution that provides significant savings of engineering time and construction time.

Fewer deviations
Experience database from construction of similar modules reduces deviations related to engineering and construction.

High quality
The NOFITECH modules are constructed in concrete with the same lifetime requirement as bridge constructions (100 years). Use of concrete constructions also reduces the risk of escapes. The system is a PVC free pipework, where PE welding is performed and documented according to current requirements. Requirements for the equipment and solutions included in the module are chosen to achieve best possible functionality and safety.

Safe against escape
The NOFITECH modules are designed according to the requirements of NS9416, with a high focus on protection against escape. The modules are built in solid concrete and the drain has several fish barriers.

Success for seawater based RAS

NOFITECH RAS module praised by customer

We are very pleased with the positive feedback from ERKO Settefisk AS, on the RAS module designed by NOFITECH AS. The start-up of the plant was in September 2015, after a construction period of barely a year. Chief executive officer Rune Sandvik at Erko Settefisk Sagvåg states, in an article (06.01.15) at, that ”Production is going beyond all expectations”.

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