Nofitech Academy

Training of the operating staff is a prerequisite for obtaining insurance, and necessary to ensure operation in accordance with laws and regulations. Nofitech Academy provides on-site training and e-learning courses for operating staff. The courses provide the employees with operational expertise.


Thorough training reduces risk

RAS are complex systems with high densities of fish that have a high economic value. Water chemistry, fish health and microbiology must be carefully taken care of for optimal production. There are major consequences for losses, as the fish cannot be replaced in the production plan. Therefore, in order to ensure effective production, the operating personnel must be able to make the best decisions for the fish and the system 365 days of the year. We believe that one of the most important things that can be done to achieve optimal production in RAS is to make sure that all operating personnel have a good understanding of the process and production while also being aware of the risks and measures that ensure effective growth under safe conditions.

E-learning courses. Basic and advanced

The basic e-learning course is for anyone working on the site. The basic course is clear and practical, with lectures and tests. The advanced e-learning course is for managers and staff in senior positions. The advanced course goes into more depth and provides more theoretical background. Both courses cover topics such as fish requirements, water quality and limiting values, water treatment, particle removal, biofilter, CO2 aeration, water quality measurement and measures and action plans for start-up and operation.

Start-up course at the facility

All operating personnel are offered two start-up courses at the facility. The first course is given about 2 months before start-up, and the second course is given after approx. 2-3 months of operation. The courses cover the start-up of the facility, the maturation and maintenance of biofilters, the management of the water treatment components, the measurement of water quality and measures and action plans for non-compliance with start-up and operation.

Start-up and operating manuals

In addition, the program includes thorough and easy-to-use electronic start-up and operations manual. The manual describes recommended start-up and operation of Nofitech ModulRAS and includes chapters on recommended water quality and limiting values, overview of water treatment, recipe for maturation of biofilters, recommended plan for measuring water quality and recommended measures and action plans for non-commissioning and operation.

Kari Johanne Kihle Attramadal

Head of R&D