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Bakkafrost signs contract with Nofitech to expand Glyvradal smolt hatchery

As part of the company’s long-term investment plan, Bakkafrost has signed an agreement with Nofitech to expand the Glyvradal smolt hatchery by 13.000 m3.

The annual production of the Glyvradal hatchery is expected to increase to 4 million smolt, when the expansion project is completed.

The expansion of the Glyvradal hatchery capacity is part of Bakkafrost’ s strategy to farm the salmon for a longer period on land. The goal is to reach an average smolt size of 500 grams and to reduce the farming period at sea down to 12 months by 2022.

– With the expansion of the Glyvradal smolt hatchery, we are one step closer to achieving our overall goal to farm our salmon for a longer period on land, says Regin Jacobsen, CEO at Bakkafrost.
– This is part of our strategy to farm superior salmon in a sustainable way with minimal biological risk.

Settefiskanlegg på landWe are delighted with the partnership with the Faroese salmon farming company, and humbled that Bakkafrost has given us the opportunity to be in the lead of this visionary project and to be part of the exciting development in the industry of salmon farming.

Bakkafrost is currently also expanding the smolt hatcheries at Viðareiði and Norðtoftir. With the expansion of the three smolt hatcheries, Bakkafrost increases the total smolt capacity with 30.000 m3.

Nofitech acquires CM Aqua Technologies and Rats Aqua & Polymer Technik

Nofitech Holding AS acquires CM Aqua Technologies ApS in Denmark and Ratz Aqua & Polymer Technik GmbH with subsidiary Hex Filter GmbH in Germany.


Water treatment suppliers CM Aqua and Ratz Aqua have been acquired by Nofitech Holding AS. Part of the transaction is paid by shares in Nofitech Holding AS, so that the four owners of CM/Ratz become shareholders in Nofitech Holding AS.

CM Aqua and Ratz have been co-operating for several years with production at Ratz’ factory in Remscheid, near Düsseldorf in Germany. The main products for RAS-plants are HEX drum filters, GALAXY protein skimmers, Oxywise oxygen generators, and AL2 belt-filters for sludge systems. CM Aqua, located in Farum, Denmark, is handling sales, service, and support with technical teams in Denmark and Ukraine.

CM/Ratz has delivered more than 600 HEX filters to RAS plants, aquariums, and pools around the world, as well as equipment to de-licing barges and water treatment systems to well-boats.

Managing Directors Kurt Carlsen (CM Aqua) and Andre Pechura (Ratz) are delighted with this merger which gives CM and Ratz financial strength to take on even bigger projects globally, and access to Nofitech’s R&D competence.

Nofitech’s ModulRAS facilities have been designed from the beginning for both seawater and freshwater usage and have HEX filters installed in all units. Robert Hundstad, CEO of Nofitech, looks forward to co-operating more closely with the new sister companies and together improve the product range to include other cost-efficient solutions and pre-manufactured modular sections.

CM and Ratz market and sell their products to more species than the only salmon and this should open further opportunities for Nofitech’s ModulRAS says Asbjørn Reinkind, chairman of Nofitech Holding. The companies will operate independently and CM/Ratz will continue to serve other RAS suppliers.


About the companies

Nofitech Holding AS (Norwegian Fish Farming Technologies) based in Trondheim develop and build standardized RAS-plants in modules (Recirculation Aquaculture Systems) primarily for smolt and post-smolt, but also on growing. ModulRAS for post-smolt is delivered in different sizes with 4 octagonal tanks with a diameter up to 20m and 6,6m deep. This gives a rearing volume of 9.200m³ and daily feeding capacity up to 8.000kg. The tank walls function as walls, both for the water treatment and as the outer walls of the module. This gives a very cost-effective and compact solution with a limited footprint. Nofitech delivers a comprehensive and standardized training program for all employees operating the modules.

A Nofitech’s subsidiary, Aqua Innovation AS pre-fabricate PE-products and piping systems at the factory located at Eide (Nord-Møre).

Several modules are built in Norway and 4 in Japan. Nofitech will during this summer start building 7 new modules.

The Private Equity fund Longship is the majority shareholder of Nofitech together with the founders Geir Løvik and John Hestad, who have more than 30 years of experience within the Norwegian fish farming industry and smolt production.

Ratz Aqua & Polymer Technik GmbH (www.ratz-aqua-polymertechnik.de) is located in their factory in Remscheid (near Düsseldorf) in Germany and established by Mario Ratz and Andre Pechura. They are experts in the production of equipment in PEHD (polyethylene) for water treatment. The primary product HEX drum filters (www.hexfilter.com) have been developed over time with a very efficient hexagonal filter panel (BeeCells) that gives more flow capacity per m² filter area.

Recently the fully non-corrosive HEX version X was introduced with groundbreaking concepts never seen in drum filtration before.

CM Aqua (www.cmaqua.dk) and the owners Henrik Mortensen and Kurt Carlsen have over 30 years of experience in water treatment. They have been working closely together with Ratz in product development and solution sales.


More than 600 HEX filters are on duty in over 40 countries globally.


Contact persons

Robert Hundstad +47 900 49 976

Kurt Carlsen +45 23 23 27 00

RAS supplier NOFITECH will deliver another facility in Japan


Nofitech has previously delivered four RAS facilities to Japan. Two facilities for grow-out, one for the production of Rainbow trout and one for the production of Pacific salmon. The other two facilities are for smolt production. This time, Nofitech will deliver a grow-out system for the production of Rainbow trout to a new Japanese customer. Construction will start in 2020.

CEO of Nofitech Robert Hundstad is very pleased that the company has signed another contract for the delivery of RAS facility in Japan.

“For many years we have developed a close and solid partnership with our customers in Japan. This, combined with good results from Nofitech facilities, has ensured that Nofitech was the perfect choice for the construction of a new facility. The fact that we are now delivering to a new Japanese customer also shows that our long-term presence in the Japanese market is delivering results. We see that partners in the Japanese market demand facilities that are safe and easy to operate. This is achieved through ModulRAS, which are standardized, compact and cost-effective systems designed for operation with sea or fresh water. In addition, ModulRAS can be delivered for all parts of the production process, from smolt, postsmolt, grow-out and broodstock, which provides extra security for the customers and at the same time flexible possibilities for a future expansion of production”.

In addition, through its Nofitech Academy, Nofitech will provide courses and training as an integral part of the delivery. R&D leader Kari Attramadal emphasizes the importance of good training of operating personnel and managers. “Training is essential to achieve effective and safe operation. This is extra important in new systems where the employees have not yet gained full experience. We at Nofitech have therefore developed a comprehensive training program that covers both the biological and the technical parts of our ModulRAS. That this is now in high demand is very positive”.

For further information;

Robert Hundstad, phone +47 900 49 976