Our concept

Nofitech designs and deliver solutions for production of smolt, postsmolt, grow-out and broodstock.

The concept is based on modules, consisting of four octagonal tanks centered around a shared water treatment unit. The patented structure secures short pipelines and the system has been designed to prevent the accumulation of sediments. 

All surfaces exposed to water are coated with polyurea (a fast hardening membrane), for a completely watertight system with unbeatable durability. The tank walls also function as the building´s external and internal walls.

The compact structure and extensive use of prefabricated units result in reduced construction time and cost. Seawater resistant materials are used throughout the structure and in all components. The ventilation and dehumidification systems are of the highest quality, and a fully insulated building with sandwich panel walls ensures a dry atmosphere.

Process control systems and alarm functions ensure thorough monitoring and full control over water quality and operation related parameters (all available on-site in the built-in control room or remotely on your smart device). All data are logged for use in operational analysis, allowing for control and optimization of conditions within each individual module. Critical components have separate backup solutions to ensure continuous operation.