Nofitech delivers another post-smolt facility to Mowi

Fjæra is home to four people – in addition to one of the world's largest aquaculture companies. Since 2021, Mowi’s salmon farming facility has expanded by 6,500 square meters. Nofitech serves as the supplier of the RAS facility.

Located at the innermost part of Åkrafjorden, the facility has received a new post-smolt facility, service building, and sludge treatment building, expanding the total area by 13,700 square meters.

Mowi now holds an annual concession of 4,600 tons, aiming to deliver 700-gram smolt four times a year.

– This is Mowi’s largest salmon farming in the southern region, says project manager Reidar Våge.

Fjæra is located at the innermost part of Åkrafjorden in the municipality of Etne. The village has four permanent residents and no local store, but it houses tons of smolt. The first phase of the Mowi facility was completed in 2016. Photo: Tina Totland Jenssen.

Locally built

The new structures were completed in under two years and have been operational since August.

– Many local companies from Etne, Vindafjord, and the surrounding district have been involved, says Asle Lægreid, who has been the facility’s operations manager for about a month.

Nofitech constructed the RAS facility, and Høyer Odda is responsible for the service building and sludge treatment building. Among other contributors are Ølen Betong and the Karmøy-based company Vassbakk & Stol.

– It has been an excellent collaboration, and I want to thank Mowi for their trust, says Robert Hundstad, CEO of Nofitech.

This is the second facility that Nofitech has built for Mowi in Norway. The low environmental impact is the reason Nofitech was chosen for the RAS project.

– Nofitech relies on a modular approach that creates a more compact facility, requiring less space than usual, explains Våge.

700-gram smolt

Mowi has now acquired two new post-smolt halls, with each building consisting of four tanks plus RAS modules. Each tank holds 2,400 cubic meters. The goal is to produce post-smolt weighing 700 grams.

– How will you achieve this goal?

– It’s about logistics and feeding, simply put. We will strengthen the parameters that affect the animals and their growth, such as smoltification and how we feed them, says Lægreid.

Asle Lægreid showcases one of the drum filters in the RAS facility. Photo: Tina Totland Jenssen.