NOFITECH develops, designs and builds complete RAS facilities

The NOFITECH module, the market´s mostproven large-scale RAS facility

7 NOFITECH modules built so far, the first one in 2012. With 25 years of operating experience from Norwegian land based fish farms and 10 years of experience from designing RAS facilities, the founders established Norwegian Fishfarming Technologies AS (NOFITECH) in 2011. The business idea was to develop the market´s most user-friendly, cost-effective and compact RAS solution. From this idea, NOFITECH´s module concept emerged.

The NOFITECH module is well suited for expanding the capacity of existing plants. Each module constitutes independent operating units in major development projects, allows for early production start.


  • We understand the fish farmer
  • The combination of high quality and low construction costs should not be possible to match
  • Space efficient
  • Short construction time
  • The module concept has shown good results
  • First freshwater-based RAS module in 2012
  • First seawater-based RAS module in operation since 2015


The NOFITECH module concept is designed with the intention of maximising production at a minimum cost.
Since the building is very volume-efficient, the construction time is short and the facility cost-effective.

The module concept use RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture Technology), which ensures good water quality in addition to being environmentally friendly due to low water consumption.

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